Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden follows the life of 18 teens of the last pre-Internet generation growing up in 1990s Washington, DC. Created by Otessa Ghadar, it has sparked a loyal following among fans in 145+ countries. In fact, demand is such that the show is now subtitled in French, German, and other languages to even better reach those audiences. The show has been recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for making a positive contribution to the LGBT community. It fills a void in youth storytelling while it unveils teen experiences without the filter and glamorization often found in mainstream media and Hollywood production companies. Her show, “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden,” continues to rise in popularity and has gained viewership in over 140 countries around the world. The show is a Telly Award Winner, three time LA Web Fest Winner, two time Webby Award Official Honoree, and has had screenings at The OUTlander Project at SXSW and Dinah Shore Weekend.


Otessa’s show has sparked a loyal following among fans. Presenting an honest and diverse portrayal of American teen life during adolescence, OJBG gives a voice to LGBTQ identities everywhere. Much like Otessa, OJBG is thought-provoking and sincere; it embodies the rebelliousness of the ’90s grunge era while tackling social issues that surround youth across the world, such as sexuality, bullying, peer pressure, and intolerance. Through fiction and film, Otessa and her show seek to empower and connect young adults around the world and advocate for tolerance and freedom within media and communications. She’s not afraid of taking risks and hopes to make a positive impact on current policies and perspectives on LGBTQ youth and new media. With Otessa and her work, nothing is taboo, nothing too personal, or impossible to change.

Awards & Honors

2016 Web Awards Honoree
36th Annual Telly Awards - 2015 Bronze Award Winner; Best Web Series
36th Annual Telly Awards - Outstanding Directing
35th Annual Telly Awards - 2014 Bronze Award Winner; Best Web Series
35th Annual Telly Awards - Outstanding Cinematography
Official Honoree of the 17th Annual Web Awards in the Drama Category
Official Honoree of the 16th Annual Web Awards in the Drama Category
2013 HollyWeb Festival Official Selection
2013 LA Web Festival Award Winner - Outstanding Lead Actress, Ellen Winter
2012 LA Web Festival Award Winner - Best Supporting Actress, Donnis Collins
2011 LA Web Festival Award Winner - Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Cinematography in a Drama Series
32nd Annual Telly Awards - 2011 Bronze Award Winner
DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development - July Filmmaker of the Month, Otessa Ghadar
1st Annual Washington, DC Web Festival Award Winner - Innovator Award, Otessa Ghadar
Showcased during the 27th Annual Washington, DC International Film Festival (Filmfest DC)
Showcased during 2013 OUTlander Spring Festival at SXSW
2011/2012/2013 Dinah Shore Weekend - Battle of the Lesbian Web Series Participant
2010 Indie Intertube Awards- Nominated Ensemble Drama
2nd Annual Indie Soap Awards - Nominated Outstanding Ensemble
Recognized by the Human Rights Campaign for making a positive contribution to the LGBT community
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